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To get started with EquiLive you must first add your events to the system. You can do this on the Events page accessible by clicking on Events on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

This page is split in to four tabs. Main, Finance, Online Entries and Social.


In the Main tab, add the essential details of your event including its name, the title sponsor, and dates.


In the Finance tab you can set the VAT rates used throughout your event. There are two settings, one for entry fees and one for British Showjumping Tickets to Ride. You can also create mandatory charges like a medical charge or administration fee and how they should be applied.

Mandatory charges can be applied either once per athlete, once per horse, once per account, each day an athlete has entries or each day a horse has entries.

The Finance tab also allows you to set which invoice number should be used next and input the Terms and Conditions that will appear on all of your invoices for the event.

Online Entries

The Online Entries tab allows you to set the deadline for online entries and there is a bulletin message that can be used to display important notices to those entering for your event on EquiLive.


In the Social tab you can enter details of your Facebook and Twitter pages that will be show as links above the online start lists and results.

Once you have completed all the tabs you can click on the Save Event button at the bottom of the page.

You have now created your event on EquiLive. πŸ‘

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